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At Langdon Advisory we focus on partnering with our clients in their innovation development and path to commercialization, whether they’re a start-up, small to medium enterprise or a large multinational.

Our team demonstrates strong technical backgrounds and industry experience drawn from both the Engineering and chartered Accounting fields including extensive Big 4 experience locally and overseas. It is in this valuable platform that we can understand and appreciate the multiple facets of your business from its technical merits to its path to commercialization.

We advise across a broad range of industries and walk in your shoes providing guidance with project scoping, documentation and substantiation, intellectual property protection and commercialization. From a funding perspective, our experts work closely with you to facilitate application to a broad range of State and Federal grants and incentives that provide for accelerated funding on your project, an increased return on your investment and a reduced project risk (potentially enabling funding to projects that would not have ordinarily been given company approval save for the lack of funding).

As a trusted advisor, our drive at Langdon Advisory is to see your continued success through our partnership.

Connect with one of our specialists at Langdon Advisory for your confidential and no obligation discussion on the specifics of your company’s requirements.

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